Tips and Guides for Fortnite Save the World characters

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Fortnite's heroes are split into four classes: soldiers, constructors, ninjas, and outlanders. When, around the whole, every single hero class is quite fantastic at almost everything you may need to complete in Fortnite, each one has a certain set of skills you could come across makes playing them additionally enjoyable when you make use of them.

Tips and Guides for Fortnite Save the World characters

Soldiers are focused on multi-purpose damage dealing, with bullets that debuff enemies, and the ability to throw grenades and place mines.

Constructors can build structures faster and more cheaply than other classes and can shrug off more damage thanks to a larger health pool.

Ninjas are the fastest, most nimble characters, and are well suited to melee combat thanks to their sword combo perks.

Outlanders are scavengers, best used for finding the rarest items. They find treasure chests easier than other classes, and the quality of loot inside will be better.
You don’t lock yourself into a hero in Fortnite; you can swap between any you own before a match starts, so consider what you want to achieve on a game-by-game basis. Running short on supplies? Play one of your Outlander heroes. Hoping to build an epic castle? Go with a Constructor.
There is more to heroes than merely picking one to play. Heroes are found in llama pinatas (Forte's adorable answer to the loot box) and come in the classic rarity tiers of uncommon, rare, epic, and mythic, just like Fortnite weapons do. Better graded heroes start with higher stats and can learn additional abilities beyond those of their lower-ranked alternatives.
To upgrade your hero and gain access to new perks and abilities you’ll need to level them up. Rather than gaining XP through kills and objectives akin to standard RPGs, you instead get hero XP chips in loot boxes. These provide you with a pool of resources to spend on any hero you fancy. This allows you to upgrade a hero you’ve yet to use with the XP you’ve acquired with a more spicy character.
A character can initially be leveled up to level ten. To progress further, you’ll need to evolve your hero, using a combination of rare items, XP, and a training manual. These elusive manuals are time-consuming to get as they require a hero to be retired.
To explain, upon hitting the level cap and maxing out your hero's potential, you can ‘retire’ them. This is, essentially, exchanging your heroes for special Fortnite items, including a training manual. You’ll lose that hero forever, though, so be sure it’s the right decision before you send them out to pasture.

The Best and Good Heroes of Constructor
Best Constructor Heroes:
MegaBASE – Out of all the Mythic heroes, MegaBASE Kyle is the best of the bunch. His BASE is mega with its reach, plus it does damage, plus it generates resources. He indeed is the best builder to use if you have him. If he had DECOY, he’d be perfect.
Power BASE – Don’t have MegaBASE, but you still want a powerful BASE constructor? Power BASE is the next best thing. It has more BASE perks than other classes, and that is really what you want from a constructor.
Controller – Being a builder is lovely for Build missions, but being able to round up enemies for your teammate to mow down? Well, that is just amazing. While their BASE isn’t the best BASE, it is still something, and her DECOY will always make up for it.

Good Alternative Constructors:
Machinist – This constructor is only an alternate because currently, the class was only available for Horde Bash. If you use traps in a high mass, then Machinist is just so lovely as she increases reload speed and damage of those traps.
BASE – Having BASE as a constructor is almost a must because it reinforces any build. On tough missions, having a BASE down can make the difference.
Plasma Sentinel – This class is more about protecting what you built. It has an amazingly satisfying combo of DECOY and Plasma Pulse, which means you can gather everything up and melt it down. However, the DECOY has a longer cooldown than a Controller, make it less preferable.

The Best and Good Heroes of Outlander
Best Outlander Heroes:
Pathfinder – If you need to gather materials, Pathfinder will always be the best at it. While not the fastest, she is sufficiently speedy, comes with Keen Eyes to spot chests, and gets more resources from Loot Llamas.
Ranger – Regarding damage, the Ranger is the best DPS outlander class because of the many buffs he gets for pistol damage. However, if you are not using pistols, then you shouldn’t be using this class.
Recon Scout – If you don’t have a Pathfinder, the Recon Scout is your second best choice for gathering. This class is faster than a Pathfinder and is best at finding chests.

Good Alternative Outlanders:
Gunblazer – As of now, Gunblazer is only available from Horde Bash. However, if you have him, but not a Ranger, he can be an excellent DPS-oriented outlander alternative because the classes are different but still very similar in their pistol perks.
Shock Specialist – The Shock Specialist can be great for AOE damage with his Shock Tower buffs, but it suffers from a problem that many ability-focused outlanders faces – lack of fragments. If you can find a lot of pieces, then right. If you can’t, then not so good.
Enforcer – Like Shock Specialist above, the Enforcer can be great with his TEDDY-related buffs. However, again he can suffer from a lack of fragments. Both Enforcer and Shock Specialist have little else if they can’t get those precious fragments.

The Best and Good Heroes of Soldier
Best Soldier Heroes:
Urban Assault – This soldier class is considered the singular best damage hero in the game of all the types. They get massive boosts to headshots, and her grenade has a lasting ground effect that continues to do damage after it has exploded. She does eat up ammo a bit though, and to be honest, if you aren’t consistently head shotting things, you are missing out on a lot of damage with this hero.
Special Forces – With the highest uptime of War Cry of all the soldiers, Special Forces gives an excellent damage buff to the team. She also has buffs that give her good single target burst, but her AOE is… pretty poor. Soldiers aren’t precisely prized for their AOE as it were.
Raider – This soldier class makes shotguns useful later in the game. Since they also need to be close to use their buffed rifles, they also have good survivability as well. However, they do require you to use shotguns, or you miss out on all the buffs that make them so compelling.

Good Alternative Soldiers:
Rescue Trooper – This soldier is the all-arounder. They can do a little bit of everything, and do it pretty well, but don’t excel in one particular thing. While this soldier lacks War Cry, she has all the other damage abilities.
Centurion – With vulnerability and as well as War Cry, Centurion is good, but often overshadowed by other soldier classes. Mostly, they are a great support soldier if you end up running with a lot of ninjas.
Shock Trooper – Shockwave is a somewhat underutilized ability, but a strong one. It is made even stronger by a Shock Trooper who can use it more often and for less energy. Although not as good at clearing a crowd as a ninja’s Dragon Slash, it can do a decent job.

The Best and Good Heroes of Ninja

Best Ninja Heroes:
Dragon – This ninja is all about that Dragon Slash. This class has some buffs for it, and it can clear a crowd of husks like no other ability. There is something so satisfying about making 50 hulls disappears with one fell swoop.
Shuriken Master – This ninja excels in single target damage with the many shurikens, but because those shurikens also piece enemies, they can clear out a crowd effectively too. As they recharge quickly, she can be a ninja that doesn’t need to be in the middle of the bee-clouded battlefield.
Dim Mak – This ninja is a specialist with the Smoke Bomb, which not only slows enemies, but it also does AOE damage. Combine with her Dragon Slash and Dim Mak can clear a crowd while softening up those tougher enemies.

Good Alternative Ninjas:
Skirmisher – This ninja combines some of the abilities of Dragon and Shuriken Master, but it excels in neither. This means if you don’t have either of those ninja classes, he can be an okay ninja to have on hand because he has a lot of damage utility, but doesn’t excel in the AOE damage or the single target damage where both those other classes specialize.
Swordmaster – He may be the Mythic ninja, but Swordmaster isn’t the best. Mostly he is like a better Assassin in which he needs to keep his Assassination stacks up for significant damage and can also translate that into a Dragon Slash with a wallop.
Assassin – The issue with Assassin is that you have to keep Assassination up and that can be difficult if your team is killing everything before you can get there. However, if you can ramp up the stacks, they can do quite substantial damage.