Runescape : Summoners Summon Summoning Skills

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 862
The folks at Runscape have announced the addition of Summoning to the game, with the appearance of strange obelisks that have been causing troubles across Runescape. Strange obelisks have been spotted underground and in the farthest reaches of RuneScape. What could they be for? Who put them there? And what do they have to do with our new members-only skill, Summoning? One obelisk in particular has been causing trouble for Taverley is most well-known summoner, Pikkupstix, as a giant wolpertinger has used it to break free from the spirit plane. This pesky rabbit, wolf, reindeer...thing is now munching on Pikkupstix is bedclothes, and the druid needs your help to do a spot of banishing... So begins this week is Wolf Whistle quest, which you will need to complete if you wish to start training the Summoning skill, in much the same way as Druidic Ritual opens up the Herblore skill.