Runescape : SMS / Text Messaging Payment

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 890
Runescape has announced that they will now offer SMS. Text Message payment for their MMORPG. They are hoping that this gives non-credit card using players the opportunity to get into their ""members game"". We are pleased to announce the launch of payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States! This service is in addition to the existing Pay by Phone option and allows a quick and easy way to get our optional ""members game"" for those without a credit card. Payment by SMS/Text Message in the United States costs $9.99 for one month of membership. The higher cost of this payment method covers the additional costs we incur running the convenience of this service. Please note: Our other existing payment methods are still the same price as before. e.g. subscription via credit-card in the US is still only USD$5.00 a month. Also please note that boost, T-mobile and Verizon Mobile Phone Companies do not currently support the PaybySMS option in the United States. All US customers who wish to subscribe using PayBySMS/Text can now do so by clicking the Start a new subscription link from our front page. For more information about Payment by SMS/Text message, please click here. We are constantly looking to make our PayByPhone and PayBySMS/Text Message payment option available for more countries. If these payment options are not yet available in your country, be sure to check the latest news and announcements regularly.