Runescape : September Behind the Scenes

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 915
Runescare gives us a candid look at their game in a ""train of thought-like article that they call ""Behind the Scenes"". The article itself talks about things like movement, prayers and story evolution. Firstly, we are expanding the prayers available in the game. These prayers are primarily intended for wilderness use and should add a new dimension to how you choose to use your precious prayer points. Obviously, this will mean you will see a few new head icons in the game so be prepared to see something new hovering over your latest wildy opponent. It was 27th August 2002 when we released the first part of the West Ardougne campaign (plague city). The storyline has moved from strength to strength over the last 3 years, and finally (if we are lucky) we might just understand the true reason for the occupation of West Ardougne, with the release of the appropriately named ""Mournings end part 2"". A quest which also introduces one of the toughest puzzles ever introduced to RuneScape and brings forth another addition to an existing skill - one which we know you have been eagerly awaiting. Later this month we will also be publishing the first of our new look letters pages. We have received some amazing questions so far, ranging from questions to the KBD (The far left head seems especially popular) to questions for the new milking cow. As previously mentioned, some of the best questions will be added to the game.