Runescape : Random Event Rework Complete

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 904
The folks at Runescape have announced that they have completed their overhaul of the game is random event system. We have just completed a comprehensive rework of the random events system that will bring changes for members and non-members alike. We have retired some of the older random events from active service, overhauled others, and rewritten the rewards for almost every surviving event. We have also changed the rate at which you get random events, and made it possible for all players to get all the events even if they donot do the activities that are typically associated with them. So maybe you well get to meet Cap n Arnav or the Bee-keeper for the first time... When you successfully complete a random event you will now be given a random event gift box, which will contain a selection of rewards to choose from. The reward options are randomised, but players with higher skill totals will generally be offered better rewards, especially if they have a record of passing random events. Any frog tokens you have will be replaced automatically with random event gift boxes, and your broken axes and pickaxes will be automatically repaired (unless you have only got the handle, in which case they well be deleted).