Runescape : News Extravaganza

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 909
Today is a huge news day over at the RuneScape official website. Reader letters, a new look for their website, TzHaar fight pits, area updates, and Bob the cat make up a very full news page. The reader letters ""brings you insights from RuneScape is most talked about monsters and residents"". Dear Chicken, It seems to me that every time I come past you, you are always out of your enclosure. The gate is closed, but you are always on the outside. Anyway, since you are on the outside, why donot you just leave? Seek your fortune elsewhere? You have already miraculously taken the first step, which is getting out. So why donot you leave and find a place where you wonot be killed for your feathers, meat, and bones? Signed, Jedirule312 Alas, this task was already undertaken, but whether the brave chicken was successful or not we do not know! For you see, old chicken legends speak of a strong chicken. One, who was tormented, isolated, locked in his pen by our human captors, every day plotting revenge. He trained himself up using old logs for training dummies and eventually climbed the gate to freedom. No one knows the fate of this chicken. Perhaps he was slaughtered for feathers, meat and bones as most of us eventually are. Although, I often hear some adventurers speaking of a chicken ""strong evil chicken"" terrorising warriors all over RuneScape... The TzHaar fight pits have undergone a few changes: The popular fight pits have received a fair amount of feedback on our forums over the last week, so we decided to run some of your suggestions past the TzHaar. They werenot exactly pleased that a bunch of humans who had just been invited in started telling them how to do things better, but they were willing to listen. The changes are: More viewing orbs have been added to the waiting area, so players in there can spot people cowering in the corners. A healing spell has been added to the hot vent gate. This will restore the hitpoints of any leaving contender and cure any poison afflicted. The actual process of entering the pits has also changed. Now, people in the waiting arena will automatically join the fight without being asked. The waiting time has also been reduced. Port Sarim and Rimmington have been ""enhanced"" this week: Following our initial free-world update of 22nd February this year (Lumbridge and Draynor), this week the area of Port Sarim and Rimmington has also been enhanced. Feel free to wander down to the new-look Docks, where you well also find a new and improved jail. If you want some combat action then Melzar is Maze has also had a lick of paint, as has the Crafting Guild and Make-over Mage is house. Adventurers should also be on the look-out for some new Elemental Magi that are wandering outside the Falador city walls. The Graphics team is currently working on the next phase of this improvement to the Free Area, which will include an overhaul to Draynor Manor, Falador and the Barbarian Outpost.