Runescape : Interview with Mark Ogilvie

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 986 is Garrett Fuller sat down with RuneScape is lead designer Mark Ogilive to discuss the new Dungeons of Daemonheim update for the now venerable MMORPG. We got the chance to sit down with Mark Ogilvie of Runescape and talk about the new Dungeons of Daemonheim update for the game. Runescape has remained one of the top MMOs out there. Simple graphics and fun game play have kept players young and old active in the game for a long time. Now as the MMO landscape continues to change, Runescape is putting in some upgrades to help players feel the adventure that an RPG should have. Dungeoneering is the new skill that players will get with the upgrade and this skill will allow you to enter and complete instanced dungeons. Mark was quick to point out that the dungeons are ever changing and you will never get the same experience twice. With boss fights, puzzles and shifting designs the dungeons will give players some variety to level up skills, enjoy solo or group play, and bring the feel of adventure back to the community.