Runescape : Halloween Content and New Quest

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 893
Runescape is featuring some exclusive-to-Halloween content for this week only. The urge you to join them to visit some spooky locales and maybe even deal with Death himself! Shadies and Gentleghouls.... Mwa haha ha haaa ha..... it is halloween!! For this week only there are some spooky halloween events running: The Lumbridge swamps are definitely not for the faint hearted this time of year. The halloween zombies are around, and not only are they terrifying enough to unlock the new Scared emote, but you can collect your very own zombie head to talk to (if you can catch it), as a spooooky halloween souvenir. Dust off those old bits of costume and head over to Lumbridge where the local kids are trick or treating!! Sadly the kids arenot too scared of adventurers since they see quite a few everyday... Perhaps the zombies in the swamps can lend you a helping hand? (or head!) Rumours that the Grim Reaper himself is making an appearance are completely unconfirmed, but that is probably because everyone who saw him was already dead. Just be sure that if you do decide to visit the reaper to make sure you bank your items first! Please note - The halloween event will be removed next week. The zombie head and the horror emote will remain, but only for those lucky enough to unlock them this week! All the zomies, Lumbridge kids and sweets will vanish. The developers have also announced the arrival of a brand new quest, this one with a swashbuckling pirate theme: Make yourself shipshape and prepare for an adventure of mystery and mayhem, with zombie protesters, a massive new secret island, a new slayer creature, mad machinery and more zombie pirate / squid-based fun than you can shake a peg-leg at! Can you survive the terrors of Braindeath Island? Danger will confront those that travel there from every corner, and not least of all from the rum they are brewing. Those that have what it takes will be gifted with a blessed tool of light, amongst other rewards. Put on your pirate hats and jump ship landlubbers, as time, tide and the living dead wait for no man. Head out me hearties when ye hear the yard arm bell a-ringin - rally to Pirate Pete on the Morytania coast now and find out if it really is a Rum Deal!