Runescape : Dwarf Quest Dev Journal Part 3

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 1012
The folks at Runescape have posted the third part of their dev journal on the new Dwarf Quest. Good news, everyone! The design brief for the new dwarf quest is complete. This is the core design document of the project that defines all the important details of the new quest. The initial concept document said things like ""there is a puzzle here involving such-and-such a thing""; the design brief defines exactly how the puzzles will work. Creating the design brief involved a lot of back and forth between me, Mod Mark (RuneScape is lead designer) and our balancing expert. We agreed on the bulk of the document pretty quickly, but a few of the details took a bit of haggling to get worked out. This took a while, but it is important to get things right at the design brief stage, rather than trying to balance the project at the last minute.