Runescape : Dwarf Quest Dev Journal Part 2

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 567
The folks at Runescape have posted the second part in a dev journal about developing the game is new dwarf quest. Last time, I announced that I was just starting work on a new dwarf quest. All I had back then was a blank page that I needed to fill with ideas. Since then I ve spent a few days brainstorming, bouncing ideas off other developers, and covering the wall next to my desk with post-it notes saying things like ""Commander Veldaban"" and ""Red Axe base."" I ve found it harder to come up with a good idea for this quest than I have for any previous one, and I wrote down several ideas before rejecting them because they werenot right. Finally, it clicked and I had a story I was happy with. My next step was to write this idea up in a concept document, which lays out the plot of the quest in broad strokes. I showed this document to Mod Mark, RuneScape is lead designer, for approval. There was no point in developing the idea until he reached a decision; if he didnot like it, it would be back to my blank page. It turned out that he did like it, so development could continue.