Runescape : December Updates

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 884
The folks at Runescape have posted a look ahead at the upcoming updates that are in store for Runescape during December and beyond. Achievement diary antics, elegant accents, delving into dungeons, and dashing hairdos are due during December. But what is all that mean? In our first update of the month, you well be asked to return to Falador, where the fourth Achievement Diary will be waiting for you. With Falador being such a familiar area, you can be sure that some tasks will be straightforward, but there are challenges, too. Are you capable of slaying a skeletal wyvern? Have you encountered the vast mole beneath Wyson is flowers? Rewards will include brand new white lily seeds and a shiny new emote. Once you have done that little lot, your next step will be a watery one, as you cross the Fremennik Province and the islands beyond for their Achievement Diary. No doubt Baba Yaga and her Lunar friends will have several tasks for the higher levels, but pet rocks, seaweed and Slayer caves await those slightly less familiar with the Fremennik ways. Rewards will include enhanced resource collection for your Etceterian workers, improved lyres, and a potential 20k experience reward lamp.