Runescape : Clan Wars Update

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 988
The folks at Runscape have announced new improvements to the game is Clan Wars minigame. The popular Wilderness minigame, Clan Wars, has received a colossal update this week. When you next challenge a player to a clan war, you well notice a range of new options that better suits your battling tastes; for example, you can choose whether players are able to return to the fray after dying, how long the battle may last, how many kills are required for a victory, and even what combat styles are permitted during the fight. You might wish to force an end to a battle if either team is reduced to five survivors. This avoids chasing down over-energetic die-hards who just wonot stand still. Oh, and if you prefer real penalties for failure, you can choose to make players lose all of their items on death.