Runescape : Behind The Scenes - April

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 880
Our friends over at Runescape are giving us their behind-the-scenes look for the month of April. As usual, it is too long to give you the whole thing here, so you well have to click on the link below to get the whole thing! This month we are releasing two quests based in the Varrock area. The first of these tells the story of Tolna, a young lad who left Varrock years ago to seek his fortune. Little did he know that his journey would only take him a few feet before the cruel hand of fate would snatch him up and throw him down into the pit of despair. Recent surface activity in the area has unearthed some dangerous crevices into the caves below. After all these years, can the boy still be alive? And if so, what sort of condition will he be in? Adventurers willing to take on these questions are sure to be faced with some difficult challenges but will be rewarded with new training areas and some quite fantastic cutscenes. The second quest of the month will start on the pass from Varrock to the Salve Temple. An odd old man carrying a large sack of bones has a problem and will need your help to solve it. Why is he collecting all these bones? Why is the mysterious sack on his back making odd mumbling sounds? Although this quest is designed for low level players, high end players will find a better reward from the optional ""big boned"" list. Later this month the gnomes get a new advantage on the Khazard Battlefield with the appearance of Battle Tortoises. These armoured tanks, mounted by mages and rangers, are sure to be quite a challenge for the General and his troops, but beware - they leave quite an impression!