Runescape : Assist and Skill Interface Update

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 878
There are two new updates to existing content this week, both of which have been drawn from your suggestions and ideas. The first of our changes is to the . When we released it, we wanted it to be an alternative way for players to help others. We also envisioned it to be a safe option for doing this, without any worries about item scamming. Since its release, many of you have left comments about the Assist System on the Forums. Having read these posts, we have come to the decision that many of you have a strong and valid point! Some forum-posters felt that the Assist System should not be used for getting hold of raw materials when using skills like Mining and Woodcutting. After all, getting hold of raw materials does not involve an actual exchange of items - it involves the passing of one item, or a group of items, to another player without receiving anything in exchange. A main aim of the Assist System is to make exchanging items safer and scam-free, so it does not apply here. We had considered this when first creating the Assist System; however, we felt that some players would appreciate having this ability. Now, thanks to your feedback, we have reassessed this decision. So, this week, we have limited the Assist System to those actions that do not consist of gathering raw materials. An exhaustive list can be found in the knowledge base, . The skills that can no longer be used with the Assist System are: Fishing Hunter Mining Woodcutting We have also taken the opportunity to make the interface smaller, allowing the split-chat to appear clearly for those players who use it. Our second update is to the skills interface. The changes are largely gathered from your suggestions, so thank you very much. We hope you appreciate them. You will notice the first change when you hover over a skill icon on the skill interface. A pop-up window will now tell you exactly how much xp is required to train to the next level. This saves having to work it out, allowing more time for actually training that skill. Your xp tallies are now separated with commas, so your 1567993 experience is now 1,567,993. We think you well agree that this is much nicer to look at. The xp values are also justified to the right, so you can make at-a-glance comparisons quickly. Add to this a quicker pop-up window for your xp, and you have a tidy little update.