Runescape : 2009: Year of the Upgrade

runescape4s Date: May/19/17 11:36:03 Views: 941
The folks at Runescape have revealed their plans for what 2009 will have in store for the game, saying that this year they will be focusing on fixing minor problems and making small improvements rather than working on flashy expansions or new game systems. So, the first post of the New Year and you well be wondering what the next 12 months in RuneScape will bring. The past year saw the introduction of PvP Worlds, RuneScape High Detail, Summoning, our first Grandmaster quest, combat minigames, and Distractions and Diversions. What can we do to top 2008? Well, this is the challenge that we have set ourselves: 2009 has become our official Upgrade Year! So, what does that mean? It means our New Year is resolution is to tweak and polish what we have already got in the game alongside creating new content. For example: Doing the little jobs that make a big difference (e.g. a You are here arrow on the world map) and basically fixing all the annoying little quirks the game has. Things that may be the least glamorous to work on and talk about, but which really add up. Updating some of the earliest content/quests to bring it up to date, and take advantage of all the features we have added to the game engine since it was originally created. Also, reworking old clues that no longer work now the game is bigger (e.g. Look west of the mountains was fine when there was only one mountain, but not now). Making the interfaces as intuitive, flexible and user-friendly as possible. Then, after all that, we well start looking into abandoned and barely used areas/features of the game, and breathing new life into them.