POE Heist modified the clear way of keeping its information, requiring a total re-download and install of the game

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Within the next week, Path of Exile will deploy the 3.12 patch, which contains lots of technical modifications inside the Path of Exile, in preparation for the release of Heist. This patch modifications the way that Path of Exile stores its data, requiring a complete re-download from the game. For a number of years, POE has been generating lots of improvements, and each improvement must be fully re-downloaded, so POE can take this opportunity to bundle them with each other. Today Poe2Trade shared some news about POE 3.12.

Transform the way the Exile Path stores data
Following ten years of improvement, we're altering the way Path of Exile stores its internal data files. The technical information of this aspect have nothing to perform with all the player library, but you will find some benefits we will introduce in detail within this short article.

Re-download fully
Very first, it is actually critical to understand that this can demand re-downloading the entire game for all customers. This can be a large price (in terms of time and bandwidth), but we assume it's most effective to only do a complete re-download, after which include sufficient additional positive aspects at the same time, it's definitely worth it for everyone.

Please note that you usually do not have to uninstall and reinstall Path of Exile. Patching to 3.12 will automatically download the necessary data again.

Faster patching
Patching the path of exile using a standalone patch are going to be much more rapidly than before. Within the new method, the files are bundled with each other, which signifies that the files to be downloaded are now on typical much bigger Research. The earlier patch had to establish thousands of independent Net connections, so there was lots of overhead. With our quick CDN, it should now pass it more rapidly.

Boost steam repair
Yet another critical result of this patch is that the Steam version of Path of Exile can now be patched more rapidly. Previously, the entire GGPK file had to be copied by the Steam patch, which meant that even a modest patch would take a considerable quantity of time for you to apply. Within the new method, modest patches are basically instant, and massive patches are much more rapidly than before. This really should be similar towards the speed of employing our standalone patch.

Preload improvements

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The new file storage technique also improves the way we preload critical assets. The most apparent improvement is that players without the need of SSD will have much greater time. The positive aspects for customers of SSDs are even more trivial.

Texture high-quality improvement
When re-downloading everything, we re-exported all of the textures of Road to Escape employing the updated compression method, resulting in better-looking results. This will produce clearer textures all through the game.

Audio re-export
Inside a similar way, we also re-exported all audio files employing the latest version from the audio library we utilised Learn to. Commonly, this is a luxury that we can not justify (simply because it is going to result in a large patch), but if we nevertheless re-download everything, then we will make totally free improvements towards the audio.

Engine improvement
The patch also contains lots of minor engine/renderer bug fixes and overall performance improvements. We do not wish to guarantee that there are going to be precise improvements, simply because it is going to differ from method to method, but we're pleased to find out how Vulkan and DirectX 11 have an effect on overall performance.

Why now?
Although we have completely tested the patch, there may only be minor troubles when a million neighborhood members try to use the patch. We hope that this can not happen around the day Heist is launched, so we will release this technical patch ahead of time to ensure that we have time for you to resolve all minor troubles that arise. This can be also your chance to cancel a big quantity of downloads ahead of time.

macOS version
The road to exile of macOS are going to be officially launched with Heist on September 18, and we will present it using a 3.11 (Harvest) client for some neighborhood testing before Heist is released. At some point right after the deployment of 3.12 , we may post a hyperlink towards the macOS client to ensure that persons can start out offering us feedback. The critical cause for the have to pre-deploy 3.12 is usually to store game data in a new way as opposed to the old way.

Epic game store version
Equivalent towards the macOS version, after the 3.12 technical patch is deployed, we are able to list the path of exile inside the Epic Games Retailer to prepare for the release of Heist. We hope to provide this function 1 or two weeks before the launch to ensure that players can check out and report any troubles to us before the official launch date.

We are extremely excited about all of the improvements brought by 3.12 Call today. Naturally, this has been a long time, and it is actually anticipated to come to be a good benchmark for the deployment of Heist on September 18.