NBA 2K23 Post Shot & Moves Controls List

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NBA 2K23 once again revamps the post-move and post-shot controls for the series, as well as introduces several new ones. This guide breakdown of all of the post-shot & post-move controls in NBA 2K23:


NBA 2K23 Post Shot & Moves Controls List

NBA 2K23 Post Shot Controls: Full List

Here's a breakdown of all of the post shot controls in NBA 2K23:


Post Shot Controls
Post Hook (close range) Hold up the Right Stick while keeping the Left Stick in a neutral position.
Shimmy Hook (Close Range) Press down RT or R2 and hold up the Right Stick while the Left stick remains neutral.
Post Fade (beyond close range) Hold down the Right Stick in either the left or right direction.
Post Layup Hold the Right Stick up while the Left Stick is deflected.
Step Through Layup With the Left Stick already pointed towards the hoop, move the Right Stick towards the hoop.
Shimmy Fade (beyond close range) Press R2 or RT and hold down the Right Stick in the left or right direction while the Left Stick remains neutral.
Pump Fake Start executing any of the above shots but then immediately move the Right Stick in a Neutral position.
Up & Under / Step-Through Start a Pump Fake, and then move and hold the Right Stick once again before the end of the pump fake.
Aggressive Backdown Press down L2 or LT to post up. While you're in post, hold down R2 or RT to sprint and then move the Left Stick towards the hoop.


NBA 2K23 Post Move Controls: Full List

The following changes have been introduced in NBA 2K23:


Post Move Controls
Enter and Leave Post Press and hold Left Trigger (L2/LT) to post up and then release.
Post Pivot Press and hold L2/LT to post up, move LS in any direction, and release.
Dropstep Hold L2/LT to post up, then move and hold LS left or right toward the hoop before tapping X.
Spin or Drive Hold L2/LT to post up, rotate (RS) to either side.
Switch Facing Hold L2/LT to post up, move RS, and release.
Aggressive Backdown Hold L2/LT, Hold (R2/RT) + LS.
Avoid Steal Hold L2/LT, press RS down, and release.
Post Layup Hold L2/LT, move LS toward the hoop and hold RS.
Post Hook Hold L2/LT, leave LS, and move and hold RS.
Post Fade Hold L2/LT, move and hold RS away from the hoop.
Post Shimmy Hook Hold L2/LT, move RS and quickly release RS up-left or up-right.
Post Shimmy Fade Hold L2/LT, move RS up, release and move and hold RS again.
Post Hop Hold L2/LT, hold LS and tap Square/X.
Post Pump Fake Hold L2/LT, press RS, and release.
Post Up and Under Hold L2/LT, RS to fake, let go off L2/LT and quickly move and hold RS once again.
Post Dunk Attempt Hold L2/LT, Hold R2/RT and move LS + RS.


How to Perform Post Moves and Post Shots in NBA 2K23?

To do a post-drive or spin, hold down the L2/LT button to enter the post. While holding the post button, rotate the Right Stick in the direction you want to move the player. The ball handler will automatically try to get around the defender by executing a drive or a spin (depending on your direction).

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