Lost Ark Guide: Level 3 Island Route

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Get the latest island route guide for level 3 in Lost Ark. Not sure what to try and do immediately after reaching degree 50? Do not worry! There is a lot to go through in this game before you rush things.


Lost Ark Guide: Level 3 Island Route


I would suggest enjoying the tier 1 island first, then the second, and finally the tier 3 island route. You get the max item level needed to participate in PvP events and other great Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids.


This guide will show you the level 3 routes of the island that you can take in Lost Ark.



Tier 3 Island Route - The Lost Ark



Islands & Level 3 content

You want to start your adventure on the Suffering Isle.


On this island, you have a daily quest and a quest chain. A complete chain will take up to 30 minutes of game time, and a daily quest will take 5 to 10 minutes of game time.


Completing these two quests will earn you purple boxes of sharpening materials worth over 25,000 Lost Ark gold.



Your second journey will be the main quest on the island of Punica. Punica's main story quest will open up a lot of side quests that you can complete pretty quickly and easily.


These side quests offer you tons of honing Lost Ark materials to help you level up your item.


You will receive sharpening shards for your equipment and weapons by clearing at most minuscule two Chaos Dungeons per day.


Once you reach level 3, at item level 1100, you will be able to convert all of your +15 2 gear into tier 3 +1 gear. This will give you an extra tier 3 honing level and a point per-item level.


There is a weekly quest that you can complete by simply purchasing items from your guild shop and the pirate coin shop. Completing this weekly quest will give you tier 3 enchant materials.


By participating in the tier 3 Guardian raid, you will receive a ton of tier 3 sharpening materials once a day.


Your item level will rapidly level up once you upgrade all of your gear to +6 enchant level. Up to this level, the success rate of sharpening is 100%.


Once you reach +6 enchant level on all items, get Cube Passes that grant you Star Breath, which increases the success rate for successfully transporting an item.


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