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英:['ɡ?zl]  美:[?ɡ?z?l]

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動(dòng)詞現在分詞: guzzling | 動(dòng)詞過(guò)去分詞: guzzled | 動(dòng)詞過(guò)去式: guzzled | 名詞: guzzler | 動(dòng)詞第三人稱(chēng)單數: guzzles |


1 、THSR: gulp, bolt, cram, englut, guzzle, ingurgitate───諧音"管飽";聯(lián)想:不用狼吞虎咽,這里管你吃飽。

2 、And that is my imported strawberry daiquiri syrup that you're guzzling down.─── 你一飲而盡的是我的進(jìn)口 草莓代基里甜酒

3 、Potions can only be drank once in a single combat situation or within a certain period of time, you can't just guzzle a stack of them which avoids the potion fest that was Diablo.───在一場(chǎng)戰斗狀態(tài)下藥水僅能喝一次或者僅限于特定的一段時(shí)間,你不能像暗黑一樣狂灌。

4 、drink(sth)in large quantities;guzzle───大喝(某物); 狂飲

5 、local governments should refrain from recklessly pursuing GDP growth by investing in sectors that guzzle energy and spew out pollution.───當地政府應避免盲目追求GDP增長(cháng)而投資于一些狂燒能源,制造污染的生產(chǎn)部門(mén)。

6 、Decapaccini, that cat guzzling old goat will faint just looking at this.─── 就算是敢吞山羊的野貓 看到這個(gè)也會(huì )暈倒的

7 、Pigs guzzle their food.───豬總是狼吞虎咽地吃東西。

8 、Steady blood sugar can efficiently prevent guzzle and fatness which is aroused by excessive hunger.───穩定的血糖能有效防止過(guò)度饑餓引起的暴食及肥胖。

9 、But if domestic prices are capped, then emerging economies will continue to guzzle oil, pushing world prices still higher.───但如果實(shí)行價(jià)格固定制,崛起的經(jīng)濟體還會(huì )持續侵吞石油,促使世界油價(jià)更高。

10 、You're gonna pick up that bottle, and take the longest guzzle.─── 你會(huì )拿起那瓶酒 一飲而盡

11 、Thousands of earthworms guzzle tonnes of scrap food left over from the tables of the rich and famous at South Africa's plush Mount Nelson hotel, quietly doing their bit to save the planet.───南非著(zhù)名的豪華酒店MountNelsonhotel飼養了一大批蚯蚓,利用它們處理掉酒店客人遺留下來(lái)的殘羹冷炙.這些蚯蚓為化解酒店的垃圾做出了很大貢獻.

12 、But around that time, China's economic expansion begin to accelerate sharply, especially in heavy industries that guzzle electricity.───但從那時(shí)起中國的經(jīng)濟增長(cháng)速度開(kāi)始大幅加快,這一勢頭在需要消耗大量能源的重工業(yè)領(lǐng)域尤為明顯。

13 、Experiments in economic psychology have shown that most people would rather have no deal at all than accept a tiny gain while watching a fat cat guzzle the cream.───經(jīng)濟心理學(xué)的實(shí)驗早已證明,多數人寧可不做交易,也不愿自己接受一個(gè)小小的好處,而讓別人拿到大頭。

14 、Artificially cheap prices, they said, encouraged households and firms to guzzle more oil, pushing global prices higher.───他們認為,人為降低汽油價(jià)格是鼓勵家庭和公司搶購汽油的行為,此舉必將使得全球油價(jià)飆升更高。

15 、or buy lots of snacks then guzzle,then I will regret also for we need to spend our whole life to shape our body but destroy it one night is enough.───再或就是買(mǎi)一堆零食,海吃一頓,完后又會(huì )后悔,要知道,塑身是一輩子的事情,而毀壞身材一晚上就可以搞定了。

16 、Studies suggest that people guzzle more if they have overweight friends and relatives, and less if they don't.───研究表明,如果一個(gè)人身邊有很多肥胖的朋友或親戚的話(huà),那他暴飲暴食的概率會(huì )大很多,反之亦然。

17 、8.No matter how many Coca-colas you guzzle, you won't be able to chase down a cheetah or leap the Grand Canyon in a single bound.───8.不管你狂飲多少瓶可口可樂(lè ),你不可能追逐印度獵豹或縱身一躍就飛過(guò)科羅拉多大峽谷。

18 、He said that since SUVs guzzle more gas, they were anathema to energy conservation efforts.───他說(shuō)運動(dòng)型多用途汽車(chē)很耗油,是能源節約的殺手。

19 、drink large quantities of (liquid, esp. alcoholic drink); guzzle.───喝下大量的液體特別是含酒精的飲料;狂飲。

20 、But Manuel Quiroz can guzzle(2) down dozens of Mexico's spiciest chilies, rub them on his skin and even squeeze their juice into his eyes without so much as blinking.───可是ManuelQuiroz不但可以大口吃下幾十根墨西哥最辣的辣椒,還能將它們涂在皮膚上,甚至將辣椒水噴入眼睛而不會(huì )瘋狂眨眼。

21 、The secret you told me when you were guzzling * like a little hamster.─── 你之前注射了大量嗎啡時(shí)對我透露的秘密

22 、Guzzle: drink greedily in great quantities───貪婪地大量飲用

23 、Maybe that's because yesterday you murdered someone, and you've been guzzling bourbon since then.─── 可能是因為你昨天殺了個(gè)人 在那之后就開(kāi)始痛飲大醉

24 、I wouldn't be guzzling wine at every turn like a teen at a hootenanny.─── 我不會(huì )跟青少年開(kāi)派對一樣 隨時(shí)都喝酒

25 、Yeah, you look trashed, like you were out all night guzzling alcohol and killing all your brain cells.─── 你看上去太憔悴了 好像你一整晚 都在酗酒和殺腦細胞

26 、guzzle beer.───濫飲啤酒

27 、Horace must restrain himself from guzzling every morsel he comes across.─── 霍雷斯可不能 看見(jiàn)什么就吃什么

28 、guzzle low-sodium V8 and gazpacho;───多吃菠菜能預防人體視網(wǎng)膜老化脫落,因為菠菜含有抗氧化物質(zhì),可防治老年人眼睛的“黃斑變性”,延緩老年人黃斑的退行性變與老化而導致的眼盲癥或視力下降。

29 、You are, like, 1,001 years old and you guzzle blood.─── 你都一千多歲了 還是個(gè)嗜血狂魔

30 、The United States will guzzle 430,000 fewer barrels a day this year, according to analysts at Lehman Brothers.───根據雷曼兄弟的分析今年美國每天將少用430,000桶原油。

31 、(3) food daily life should have the law, do not want guzzle guzzle, also do not wantMorpheusNot the rule.───(3)飲食起居要有規律,不要暴食狂飲,也不要睡眠不規律。

32 、Drink(sth.in large quantities;guzzle───大喝(某物);狂飲

33 、It's one guzzle after another, day after day.───日復一日,就這樣一杯接一杯的狂飲縱樂(lè )。

34 、And if you haven’t been drinking much, don’t guzzle a fresh supply of rainwater.That will make you sick.───如果您已經(jīng)一陣子沒(méi)喝什么水,千萬(wàn)不要狂飲雨水,這樣會(huì )生病的。

35 、8.No matter how many Coca-colas you guzzle, you wont be able to chase downacheetah or leap the Grand Canyon inasingle bound.───不管你狂飲多少瓶可口可樂(lè ),你不可能追逐印度獵豹或縱身一躍就飛過(guò)科羅拉多大峽谷.

36 、Sorokin thought he would run three kliks, then go ashore and guzzle one last bottle of vodka before the ship sailed.───索羅金心里盤(pán)算著(zhù)先跑它個(gè)三千米,然后上岸去弄瓶伏特加,趕在起航前再最后喝個(gè)痛快。

37 、No matter how many Coca-colas you guzzle, you won't be able to chase down a cheetah or leap the Grand Canyon in a single bound. 9.───8. 不管你狂飲多少瓶可口可樂(lè ),你不可能追逐印度獵豹或縱身一躍就飛過(guò)科羅拉多大峽谷。

38 、No matter how many Coca-colas you guzzle, you won't be able to chase down a cheetah or leap the Grand Canyon in a single bound.───不管你狂飲多少瓶可口可樂(lè ),你不可能追逐印度獵豹或縱身一躍就飛過(guò)科羅拉多大峽谷。

39 、It has canceled many incentives devised to promote exports, especially for companies that guzzle energy and pollute heavily.───中國還取消了許多旨在促進(jìn)出口的獎勵措施,尤其是對那些造成嚴重污染的企業(yè)。

40 、People tend to guzzle their calories and it really adds up, often more than they realize.───人們常常會(huì )吃進(jìn)去超乎他們想象的熱量。

41 、Does guzzle disease have alternant sex anorexia treat?───交替性厭食暴食癥有治嗎?

42 、guzzle one's money───大吃大喝花光金錢(qián)

43 、A 120pound ewe guzzles nearly 3 gallons of water in a matter of minutes.─── 一頭50多公斤重的母羊在幾分鐘內 喝了近11升的水





 exceed the time limit


 過(guò)期票據 overdue bill ; past due notes

 過(guò)期刊物 back issues ; back number

 過(guò)期期刊 back numbers ; a back issue ; older issue

 過(guò)期帳款 past due account ; Over due accounts

 過(guò)期流產(chǎn) missed abortion ; Prolonged abortion

 過(guò)期費 extension fee

 過(guò)期檔案 scratch file

 過(guò)期付款 overdue payment

 過(guò)期保險 extended-term insurance ; expired insurance


 1. Up to forty per cent of the students had overstayed their visas.


 2. There was a powerful *** ell of stale beer.


 3. A passport that is out of date is invalid.


 4. This yogurt is past its sell - by date.


 5. His rent payment is overdue.


 6. The insurance on his BMW has run out, and the car stands unused.


 7. His visitor's visa expired.


 8. And besides he was overdue.


 9. We missed the train because we used an out of date timetable.


 10. The landlady is angry because the rent is overdue.


 11. We recognize your financial problems, but your account is overdue.

 我們知道你的財政問(wèn)題, 但你的帳戶(hù)是過(guò)期的.

 12. I bought some back issues of science magazines yesterday.


 13. The book is overdue. You'll have to renew it.

 書(shū)已過(guò)期, 你得續借.

 14. Now they are overdue and I shall have to pay a fine.


 15. The letter of credit expired.



 You've had that bottle of water in the back of yourpantry for some time now. It's your "doomsdaystash" - you may not have bread, blankets, or aflashlight in your house. But whether there's aspontaneous power outage, water shortage, ornatural disaster, you're going to be hydrated AF.


 Or so you thought. What happens once that waterhas been sitting back there for years on end? If ahurricane really does hit two years later and you dip into your ancient water bottle reservoir,can you really crack open one of those bottles and expect to guzzle it down risk-free?

 或者這只是你的想法。如果水一放就是好幾年,那又會(huì )發(fā)生什么呢?如果兩年后真的有颶風(fēng)來(lái)襲,而你準備動(dòng)用古老的水瓶庫,你真的覺(jué)得自己可以開(kāi)啟水瓶、大口大口喝下去并且一點(diǎn)風(fēng)險都沒(méi)有嗎?

 Answer: Maybe.


 Water bottles all have expiration dates. You've probably seen them - little black dotted number *** arking when you should toss your water because it's "gone bad." Wait… Here's where we getconfused. How can water go bad?

 瓶裝水都會(huì )過(guò)期。也許你看到過(guò)--小小的黑色數字,這時(shí)候你應該扔掉這瓶水,因為它已經(jīng)"變質(zhì)"了。等一等,我們都會(huì )感到疑惑:水怎么會(huì )變質(zhì)呢?

 It can't. Water, like oxygen or steel or any other naturally occurring substance, is simply achemical pound; it's ageless. However, humans have taken to storing natural-occurringwater in plastic, artificial, flimsy containers, and the bottles can go bad. The plasticpounds can break down over time and leak into your water - and there are a few otherthings you didn't know about bottled water.

 當然不會(huì ),水和氧氣、鋼或其它任何天然存在的物質(zhì)一樣,只是一種化合物;水是永恒的。然而,人類(lèi)已經(jīng)將天然存在的水儲存到人造薄塑料瓶中,而瓶子是會(huì )變質(zhì)的。隨著(zhù)時(shí)間的推移,塑料復合物會(huì )自行分解、滲透到水中--關(guān)于瓶裝水,還有一些事是你不知道的。

 Plus, plastic isn't impermeable. Algae or bacteria -not the good kind - seep in and growinside your bottled water if you leave it for too long. This can still happen even if the bottle isclosed. So if you've waited long enough, once you finally open up that "purified" water you'realso likely opening up a bacteria-ridden breeding ground for harmful organi *** s.

 另外,塑料是不滲透的。如果放的時(shí)間久了,藻類(lèi)或細菌--壞的那種--會(huì )在瓶裝水中滲入、生長(cháng)。即使瓶蓋蓋的很緊,這種事情仍會(huì )發(fā)生。所以如果你等了很長(cháng)時(shí)間,一旦你最終打開(kāi)了"純凈"水,你也很有可能打開(kāi)了一個(gè)細菌滋生的有害生物繁殖地。

 But to be honest with you all, there are ways to get around this. Firstly, you can boil your waterbefore drinking it. This will effectually kill anything that's living inside. Secondly, the plasticpounds that can leak in might make your water taste funny, but they aren't usuallyinherently harmful for you to ingest.

 但說(shuō)實(shí)話(huà),這個(gè)問(wèn)題是有辦法解決的。首先,喝水的時(shí)候先煮沸。這會(huì )有效地殺死任何活在瓶中的生物。其次,能夠滲透的塑料復合物也許會(huì )使水嘗起來(lái)怪怪的,但它們通常不會(huì )對您造成傷害。

 Still, it's best to replace those bottles you have hidden away at least once every two years. If itreally ever is doomsday, you'd much rather be safe than sorry.

 但是,最好還是每?jì)赡曛辽贀Q一次你貯藏的這些瓶裝水。如果真的到了世界末日,也會(huì )有備無(wú)患。




4.過(guò)期的可樂(lè )的用途


請求朋友們幫忙設計一個(gè)**飛車(chē)網(wǎng)名格式如下: 丿Mars丶丨灬xx(兩個(gè)繁體字) xxx(英文加符號)丨夏至以初









やGuzzle 丨夏至以初

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