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  • Clan Citadels Expansion Q&A5/23/2016 2:08:18 AM
    Recently Jagex announced the Citadels Expansion for the venerable and ever-popular RuneScape.  Aimed squarely at giving Clans a place to live, play, and design their own content (you read t...
  • RuneScape devs have announced the Clan Citadels expansion that will be released on July 26th. The new expansion will offer new citadel options including a floating castle. Notably, the expansion...
  • Phishing Scam5/23/2016 2:08:18 AM
    RuneScape developers have confirmed that a very legitimate looking email is being sent to players that is, in reality, a phishing scam. The email indicates that the recipient has received an inf...
  • Books based on popular MMOs are nothing new but seem to be a growing trend lately. With the rich lore and terrific stories in-game, it's no surprise that players and fans want to see books that fl...

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