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  • Fifteen years ago, the Gower brothers (Andrew, Paul & Ian) created RuneScape. With today's update, they, in a sense, return to the game in a new quest line called the "Gower Quest&q...
  • A new mini-game has entered Runescape. Called "Heist", the game sends robbers on a spree to collect gold and other valuables while the guard try to get them to the hoosgow (yep, it's spe...
  • Join the Turkey Hunt6/24/2016 2:39:12 AM
    RuneScape players are being invited to join in on the annual Turkey Hunt from Thursday, November 28th through Monday, December 2nd. RuneScape gold. During the event, each player will be given a ...
  • Jagex has committed over $170,000 for an in-office studio to encourage community streamers, including active youth gamers. Part of the initiative has seen the communinty team create a "how ...

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