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  • Jagex is set to launch a new website alongside the upcoming 10th anniversary celebrations for RuneScape.The new site will, of course, be snazzier than the old one, but there's more going on here t...
  • We're just going to let the RuneScape dev team say it in their own words: To pop the cork on the all-year celebration of RuneScape's 10th anniversary, Jagex Game Studio is hosting a 24-hour ch...
  • A U.S. venture capital corporation has purchased a majority stock option in Jagex Studios, developers of RuneScape. The purchase moves the financial base of control from the U.K. to the United States....
  • Jagex has announced that folks wanting to check out Old School Runescape can do so this weekend thanks to a free weekend promotion.RuneScape gold. The event will run through November 4th and players w...

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